Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking on the front street is fine at all times of the day, and there is limited parking in the back.


Q: Do you have an online store? 

A: We have an Ebay store. 


Q: How can I know what's going on with the store?

A: You can befriend us on Raven's Facebook. We will post about sales, special hours and new products here. We will also post exciting news involving our affiliated events and any relevant news we can bring you!


Q: When do you usually get more stock in?

A: Because of how collectibles are, we only get stock in when someone wants to trade or sell us their collection. We specialize in older collectibles, thus their scarcity.


Q: Wait, Collectibles? What exactly do you have?

A: Oh boy, here we go. the list looks something like this:

-Transformers from all generations, mostly G1

-Star Wars memorabelia

-Harry Potter

-Collectible Card games like MTG, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

-RPG Rule books and guides 

-Vintage board games and models

- Anime Figures

-Star Trek

-Swords and knives

-Smoke apparel

-Vintage figures from all kinds of shows and fandoms from the 60s to the 90s like My Little Pony, He man, Batman and Robin, Ghostbusters, TMNT, Dino riders, Rainbow Bright and more. Way more.

-Used video games

-Gold and Silver age comics, as well as plenty of comics from before the new millennium.

- Nerdy type T-shirts and ladies tights.

-Steam Punk themed corsets and jewelry as well as other not-so-themed corsets. 


there's so much more than that, but I cannot list it all. That'd be crazy business. If you don't see a fandom that you were looking for in the list please call or email us.


Q: Swords and Knives! How can you let children in your store!?

A: The Swords, knives and other specialty items we sell that may not be suitable for younger shoppers are kept locked in cases, and can only be access with the presentation of government issued photo ID proving you are 18 years of age or older. The only other option is to be accompanied by your parent/guardian.


Q:Maybe I should have just asked what you don't sell? 

A: Baby toys and new toys. We also don't sell movies. We do not sell Cases or stands for figures. Lastly we do not sell any sports memorabilia.  


Q: Where's Michael? Why can't I ever get a hold of him? 

 A: Michael owns 3 stores and is heavily involved in many events in our fine city, and does not have a set schedule to be at any of them throughout the week. He does try to stop by both of them once a week, but that is not always possible. The staff and Managers at the stores are happy to help you with all they can, although Michael is the only one authorized to order, buy or trade items.


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