Buy, Sell & Trade

Raven has always been a location that buys, sells and trades. If you have a collection you'd like to sell, please drop it off at the store. The staff will be happy to write you a request for quote invoice and submit the items to the stores owner, Michael, to review. Please note that this process does often take weeks to complete. Michael is not at his stores everyday, and does not have a set schedule, so please understand that it is difficult for you to come in to get a same day quote.

Please note: all collections will be seen in store before purchase. All negotiations will be handled by Michael Paille. 

Special Orders

Don't see it in the store? You can special order it through us! We will do our best to find the item you're looking for and bring it into the store for you. Please allow 2-4 weeks to find the items, and 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Please do note that older collectibles and items that are not being produced anymore cannot be ordered from manufacturers and do not fit into the above mentioned time lines. We will do our best to find these items in a timely manor.

Please note: 50% deposit may be required on certain items. See in store for details. 

Refunds & Exchanges

Raven has a no refunds policy. Our exchange policy is within 14 days provided the item is brought back with receipt and the items are in tact. In special situations we will provide a store credit for the value of the item, if no suitable exchange item can be found at the time.

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